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About Us Future World Renewables


Future World Renewables is a company born from a collection of engineers who have a passion for renewable energy and reducing the carbon impact on our planet. We pride ourselves in giving our customers a consultative service instead of a direct sales approach, we spend time finding out not only what the Maths of your propertys’ heat demand is but also how the house is lived in and used, this will give us a greater understanding of our customers needs from a system and ensure that the install is not only correctly calculated and installed on paper but also that they are happy with the system in real terms.

Future World Renewables are RECC and MCS accredited renewable energy installers in Kent and the South East. Where the renewable energy market continues to grow, Future World Renewables has been set up to provide a higher level of service and support through expert industry knowledge and experienced engineers in order to ensure successful renewable installations that always benefit our clients.

Considering ourselves to be a team of responsible engineers, we only install tried and tested products from manufacturers with a proven history of client satisfaction through performance. We offer genuine advice and understand the importance of making full and thorough assessments to ensure that every product we install will be suitable for use – working to strict codes of practice that ensure your equipment operates as expected and you have the right information to get the best from it.

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