Heat Pump Advantages

What are the advantages of heat pumps?

An Air Source Heat Pump is the future of domestic heating, as fossil fuel stocks deplete globally and prices start to increase on a regular basis and the air pollution levels in our atmosphere reach unacceptable levels, the world as whole has to look for a cleaner, more sustainable way to keep its inhabitants warm in the winter while simultaneously taking care of our global ecology.

Air Source Heat Pumps provide this solution, they are powered by Electricity which can the demand can be met by solar and thus they completely remove the need to burn GAS/COAL or OIL – which in turn VASTLY reduces the amount of toxic gases released into our atmosphere. 

Air Source Heat Pumps are not only exponentially better for the environment than traditional fossil fuel boilers as they emit no direct Co2, they are also a lot more cost efficient to run and so not only are you doing a great and notable favour to the environment, you could also be saving yourself a considerable sum on your heating bills..


The main benefit from installing a heat pump are the financial savings you can make. Not only do you save money on heating bills but you also receive cashback every quarter from the government for a 7 year period.

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How Much Will My Heat Pump Cost?

Average costs for an air source heat pump & installation are between £7,000 to £18,000.

The cost of your air souce heat pump system is off-set by reduced running costs & quarterly Government payments in the form of the Renewable Heat Incentive. Air Source heat pumps can “pay for themselves” in just a few years, depending on your current energy costs & what type of system you already have.

Typical running costs are up to 60% lower than Oil or LPG heating systems.

We have a number of plans to help you start saving by installing a heat pump.

What Is A Heat Pump?

An Air Source Heat Pump is a unit that will be located outside of the property. It takes air in through the pump and boosts it to a higher temperature. The Heat pump does use electricity to power the unit but will use less electricity to power the Heat Pump than the heat it will provide for your property. On average every unit of electricity the Heat pump uses for power it will generate 4 units of heat and typical running costs are up to 60% lower than Oil or LPG heating systems.

Is Your Work Guaranteed?

Yes we provide up to a 10 year warranty on our products & guarantee our workmanship for 1 year.
We only use high quality products on your property, which not only work more efficiently but last longer than traditional heating systems.