Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage systems are the first step into the next generation of consumer lifestyle, bringing you closer to the ultimate goal of being self sustaining and off-grid = NO MORE BILLS.

Here at Future World Renewables we are constantly researching and discovering the latest and evolving technology to bring to our customers to help them move closer to completely removing their traditional need to rely on the national grid and the instability of Electricity prices.

We have a vast range of solutions available:

  • Intelligent charging systems that can also harvest cheap rate electricity for Economy 7 customers for them to use during the day instead of paying for the higher day tariff.
  • Up to a 19.2Kw of battery storage making it possible to run the essential low load items of an average 4 bedroom home during a power cut for up to 48hrs on battery power alone, and when coupled with a solar system this could be extended indefinitely depending on the weather conditions, this could be achievable with a 6kw Solar system. complemented by a 4.8kw battery system.

These systems can be added onto existing PV Systems or installed as part of a new system to include solar. The battery storage systems can be monitored remotely which enables you to oversee how the battery is performing and working for you. Access to the monitoring can be done online as well as through ‘apps’ which many of the manufactures offer. Being able to access this information anywhere at any point is a fantastic initiative as well as making the systems consumer friendly.

  • Solar Battery Storage

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