Kelloggs - Old Trafford - Manchester

Kelloggs have been working for years to continually improve their environmental performance, specifically looking at reducing their energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste sent to landfill sites. 

Reduction in consumption per year: 463,176 KWh
Reduction in electricity cost, per annum: £40,226.84
Total project cost: £71,061.52
Payback period: 21.2 months
Reduction in CO2 emissions, per annum: 243 tonnes

KP - Consett - Durham

KP Foods are the manufactures of high quality savoury snacks. They pride themselves on having a thorough
environmental management system and make a
conscious effort to reduce their impact on the

FWR established the voltage and load profile, and
proposed that implementing a VO project would
significantly reduce CO2 emissions on site by over 93
tonnes per year, therefore, minimising their carbon footprint as well as yielding a significant energy cost saving

Holiday Inn - Chester - West

Energy & Financial Summary of Project
Reduction in consumption per year 76,009 KWh
Reduction in electricity cost, per annum £ 5,837
Saving from improved power factor £ 600
(by removing reactive power charge)
Total project cost £ 13,349.25
Payback period 24.9 months
Reduction in CO2 emissions, per annum 139.7 tonnes

4 Bedroom Home - Romford - Essex

Total 10 year saving £4859.00 using Volt Shield

Saved a further £249.41 by switching to our green energy partner

“ My fuse board has stopped tripping, very happy with my savings and the fitters were quick and tidy”

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a Volt Shield” Dawn S.



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