Solar Panel Funding, Incentives & Grants

Solar Panel Funding, Incentives & Grants

Let’s look at what governmet incentives & grants are available for solar energy installations in the UK.

Currently, there are no grants available for fitting solar panels, but there are incentives for generating low carbon electricity in the form of the Feed In Tariff.

The Feed in Tariff or FiT is a government incentive for generating electricity from solar power and other renewable energy sources. It is paid on a quarterly basis direct to the home owner. FiT is paid on the amount of electricity you generate, regardless of whether you use it or sell it back to the national grid.


For an average domestic solar PV system (4kWp) in London or the South East*

  • Feed in Tariff – £165 per year
  • Export Tariff – £110 per year
  • Electricity savings – £220 per year
  • Co2 savings – 1.7 tonnes

To find out what saving you could make, complete our quote form or call one of our advisors who would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Why choose Future World Renewables for your Solar Panels?

As a company of engineers we have collectively installed hundreds of Home Solar PV systems across the uk.

Future World Renewables has built a reputation for honesty from our engineer assessors NOT salespeople, personal customer service & very high quality installations. Just read our reviews!

We only ever install the highest quality solar panel systems to your home. The reasons are simple, they last longer, generate more energy for you and are more reliable, meaning you save more money and earn more money in the long run.

  • Accredited Solar Installers
  • Attractive in-roof solutions available
  • All work guaranteed

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*Estimates from Energy Saving Trust, correct as of June 2017

Solar - FAQs Find Out More About Solar Panels For Your Home

How Much Will My Solar Panel System Cost?

The price of your solar panel system will depend on a number of factors such as the size of the system and your property type.
Call us or fill out our quote form to find out how much your system would cost & how much you would be likely to save.

Is Your Work Guaranteed?

Yes, all the Solar panels we use come with a 20 year manufacturers warranty & our workmanship warranty is for 10 years.
We use high quality solar products on your property, which perform better and for longer than some of the cheaper alternatives. Not all solar panels are created equal!

How Can I Pay For My Home Solar Panels?

We have a range of payment options and accept all major credit cards.
There is no funding for Solar Panels to be installed, but the cost of the system is offset by the amount of money you receive in the the form of incentives for generating your own electricity & of course the amount you save on your own bill.

What Is The Feed In Tariff?

The Feed In Tariff (FIT) is a Government incentive scheme to encourage small scale, low-carbon electricity generation. You receive a payment for each unit of electricity you generate (whether you use it or not). Payments are made directly to you, once per quarter & Future World Renewables UK will help you with your application for FIT.

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